Florida Bar and Consular Regulations

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[li]The Rules Regulating the Florida Bar lawyers in terms of publicity (Rule 4-7(b)) state that any information provided by the lawyers must be exact, sincere, up to date and verifiable. For this reason, we are using SPIP, a Content Management System, which allows us to continuously update the data and information posted on this site.This same rule also states that we cannot use certain information in our external communications, such as testimonials from our clients for publicity purposes (rule 4-7.2E).[/li][li]Similarly, the consular rules from certain countries do not allow lawyers to indicate in external communications the name of the consulate with whom they are listed.[/li]
[li]However, in accordance with the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar concerning information provided by the lawyers upon request from their clients (rule 4-7 (b)(2) and rule 4-7.9 (b)(5)), it is possible to ask for details related to our references, qualifications and services. Do not hesitate to contact this office for any information you need.[/li]