Labor Certification

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[li]The application for a Labor certification is a complex procedure also known as PERM which is mandatory for any foreign worker who wants to apply for Lawful Permanent Residency (Green card) through the sponsor of a current or potential employer.[/li]

[li]A labor certification is filed with the department of Labor after a procedure of recruitment through the local labor market is completed. The sponsor must place advertisements in local publications of general circulation in addition to a posting with the state of Florida job force.[/li]

[li]The recruitment takes place during a period of thirty days. The sponsor must interview all the applicants to determine if a U.S.worker is qualified. After a wait period the labor application is filed with the Department of Labor. It takes an average of 30 to 120 days to obtain certification.[/li]

[li]Once the positions is certified which means that no U.S. worker is available to fill the position offered to the foreign worker, the request for permanent residency can be filed with immigration.[/li]

[li]In preparing a Labor Certification it is critical to select a sponsor who possesses the ability to pay the salary offered. The sponsor must be able to provide the income tax return for the most recent year.[/li]