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Moving to another country can be stressful, but with the help of Marcelle Poirier and her firm, the whole process was a success. Marcelle and her team are professional, detail oriented and available.

In 2012 we obtained our E2 visa for a 5 year period, the employee at the embassy was impressed with the quality of her work.

In 2017 again with the help of Marcelle Poirier and her team we have our green card.

I would strongly recommend Marcelle Poirier and her firm to anyone looking for a immigration lawyer.

Thank you from the whole family, it changed our life.


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We have started our business in Miami few months ago. We needed an immigration attorney and a trusted friend recommended us attorney Marcelle B. Poirier. She gave us professional advice on what kind of visas would be the best solution for us and helped us throughout the process of preparing and filing the petition. She and her assistant Carlos were very professional, efficient, and reliable. With their help we received E2 visas faster than we thought.

Family Straziscar, Slovenija

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2 years ago my wife and I were confronted in our close family to this terrible disease that is “Cancer”.

Then we felt the urge and the huge need to create a beauty salon (Oncology SPA) dedicated to people undergoing cancer therapy such as chemo and radiation.

Your hearing, your concern, and great advices, as well as the involvement of your staff, made us obtain straight our E2 investor Visa for 5 years with the congratulations of the US Embassy, because of the unique concept of our business, and the great work that you and your team achieved.

Since then and after 2 TV reportages, we are now proud to franchise our concept in south Florida and all over the USA.

Many thanks for your priceless help, and advices, I don’t stop recommending your law firm to my future franchisees,
Thanks and regards,



[toggle title=”Wayne Hadley”]

I had the opportunity to own and operate a Health Care Franchise called “Home Helpers” in the state of Florida.

Being that I am from Canada, I was looking for an immigration lawyer that was very familiar with the laws of the US government when operating a business in the United States.
I was referred to the Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier through a fellow colleague and I was satisfied with her credentials and cost of service for overseeing our E2 Visa Application .
Marcelle’s office had prepared a letter that outlined what was required from myself to prepare my file for petition. Her staff were always pleasant and responded quickly to my constant inquires that I had. Communication between Marcelle, her staff and myself was very good, but I had to be very proactive to make sure that my file was on track for my visa petition, but her staff responded very well to my needs and questions.

When it came time to file the petition they made sure that my on line application to the

Embassy was done correctly before submitting, made sure that our file had every possible document to make sure that US Immigration would have a very well prepared and convincing application .

The next step was to have Marcelle assist me in preparing for the Interview and she took whatever time I needed to make sure I was completely comfortable with every possible scenario or question, even what to expect when I arrive at the Embassy outside and inside and to always be confident. In summary I was very satisfied with The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier and a special thank you to Carlos Serrano for his assistance in keep track of our petition.

I would definitely recommend The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier for all your Visa and Immigration needs.

Wayne Hadley, RN, BBA
Owner of: Home Helpers of the Treasure Coast

[toggle title=”Igor Troyan”]

I arrived in the United States of America on September 2009 with my wife and children. After several months of researching for company buyouts, we found Holimoon.

With this acquisition, we were ready to engage in an investor’s visa.
This is were the role and choice of an immigration attorney is predominant in this lengthy setup process within the United States of America.

We were fortunate to be introduced to Attorney Marcelle Poirier.

Attorney Marcelle Poirier then began to guide us through the setup process in the United States of America with realistic and wise advice. (for the request for a B1/B2 visa in order to find a business in which to invest). Once in place, the communication was always fluid and the availability of Attorney Poirier and her staff allowed us to calmly prepare of our investor visa application with seriousness and vigilance. Her assistance in the development of our case and preparation of our appointment with the consulate were crucial. We were reassured. Everything was well managed and anticipated. There were no surprises.
Despite some cold sweats (The interview is the test), our appointment went well and we received our visa, as promised and with all the conditions being well filled.
Since, the company has quadrupled its turnover and we are living our American dream in Florida.

Attorney Poirier was a reliable crucial link in this adventure and this is confidence that we will continue to seek and recommend.

Igor Troyan
CEO/Owner Holimoon LLC

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Dear Attorney Poirier,
The road was long and perilous, but today it is but a step in the past.
Thanks to you, your professionalism and your great judgment, we have obtained, with ease, our entry ticket for the United States of America. We are Jidax, two dj’s and music producers of French original and today; we owe you our international expansion.

Highly recommended by a colleague, we turned to Marcelle in November of 2011 with the aim of obtaining a visa P to start playing our music in the U.S.

We were forewarned: “If Attorney Poirier decided to take our case, we would no longer have to worry about anything”. And actually, when they agreed to represent us, after the first immigration appointment, we were already confident about the future or our candidacy. Always active, Attorney Poirier took aim better then anyone, by taking care of obtaining letters, documents and evidence deemed vital to our file from various associations and institutions. Once complete, he sent them to the US government and the answer was no surprise. At the beginning of March of the following year, we received an obvious positive answer.

We therefore, recommend Attorney Poirier’s services to anyone obtaining a visa to the United States of America.

Again, thank you very much for everything.


[toggle title=”Cortese Yolande”]

Hello Marcelle,
I wanted to write and thank you for the work you have done form me. You are the best immigration attorney for me. I will recommend you without any hesitations.

You can communicate with your clients, you know how to reassure us, give us confidence and always find solutions to problems even if we think we have lost.

I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. My situation was not easy being single with a child, but we were able to get the maximum five years the E2 visa offered. When you have a major life-changing project, you surround your self with the best. Marcelle Poirier is part of that group.
Cortese Yolande owner of Yogen Fruz, Miami.

[toggle title=”Joffrey Chartier”]

We have used Marcelle Poirier to obtain our green card and its renewal. Marcelle and her staff demonstrated a high level of professionalism both to us, her client, as well as towards the United States Administration.

Our case was handled with efficiency, speed and simplicity.
Marcelle and her firm presented themselves available and listening before they took on the our case, during the process and after we obtained our green card.

I recommended Marcelle to several of my friends who had the same type of requests, and all have benefited from an efficient and exemplary service.

Joffrey Chartier

[toggle title=”Bruno Azra”]

I am pleased to share my complete confidence in my immigration attorney, Marcelle Poirier. Since our departure from France in 2001 until now, I have never doubted her advice and her decisions in regards to the acquisition of our visa and in the renewal and monitoring as well.

Marcelle Poirier was always responsive to our doubts and fears and always responded with precision, honesty and with conviction.

Still, in recent days, we have responses to the various questions of the evolution of US Immigration laws.

In my opinion, her selfless commitment to making the right decision is very important and critical in obtaining the file.

Thank you Marcelle for always being responsive to our needs

Bruno Azra

[toggle title=”Jean-Marc Dollard and Joel Haddad”]

We are two French expatriates located in Paraguay for over 20 years and wanted to find a little civilization and take a different route in our professional lives, rich with numerous experiences. The United States, (specifically California) had taken a special place in our minds, excited to work with people who cultivate efficiency, respect and honesty.
We thus researched the internet on the procedures for staying in the USA and given the complexity and our geographic isolation, we quickly realized that we needed a legal expert specializing in this field. Once again, on internet we found the best and the worst. Some contacts by mail, especially with California Attorneys, but finally after a very good contact accompanied by quick and clear responses, we decided that our next trip would be to arrive in Miami to meet with Marcelle Poirier. In addition to her quality of French, we facilitated the preparation of our application that we did not anticipate to be so complete. After our first interview, we were convinced that Mrs. Poirier was the right choice. Fast, friendly and effective. We had planned to resume contact as soon as we had any business interest and that is what we did after a few months. Consistently working together with her team, excellent communications and availability, business assessment contact recommendations with the seller, we were placed with a business plan specialist and an accounting firm, and putting a file together with more then two kilograms of impeccably prepared documentation. Moreover, she has impressed the consulate administration so well that thirty hours after it’s filing, the US Embassy in Paraguay contacted us and informed us to pickup our visa. As a result, I am writing while we are in transit to San Francisco. In five weeks, after the commercial and administrative formalities, begins our new adventures.
Jean-Marc Dollard and Joel Haddad – Owners of The Chanric Inn, Bed & Breakfast at Napa

Valley Calistoga, CA

[toggle title=”Jerome Migliori”]

Dear Marcelle,
I wanted to send you this letter to thank you and your entire team for assisting me in obtaining my Green Card

Thank you for all the support and advice you provided during this waiting period.
Your advice was crucial in obtaining the latter and without your assistance; I would have never achieved it.

Thank you for your professionalism, which allowed me to build a future on American soil.

Best regards
Jerome Migliori
CEO – Corioliss America LLC

[toggle title=”Samir and Yohan Jaieb”]

The suggestion of our encounter given by the American Embassy renders us complete with satisfaction and we owe so much to your professionalism and experience.

We thank Marcelle Poirier and her entire team for the work they did on our visa application.

Always available to listen and it was a please work with the Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier.
Again, thank you and well done for all the work

Best wishes
Samir and Yohan Jaieb

[toggle title=”The Trémine family”]

Dear Attorney,
We are a family of French citizens, although our dream was to live in Miami. Thanks to Attorney Poirier and her firm, our dream has become a reality. We would highly recommend her firm to future visa candidates. Her efficiency, availability, competence, her valuable advice and kindness probably make her one of the best attorney’s in his field.
As proof, we have received our 5 year (Maximum) visa thanks to her. It is very important to be well surrounded for this type of venture. Do not hesitate!
The Trémine family

[toggle title=”Laurent C.”]

Marcelle Poirier & Law,

April 10th, 2012
“Thanks to the rigorous supervision and guidance of Marcelle Poirier and the professionalism of her staff, I quickly obtained my work visa”.

Sincerely yours,
Laurent C.

[toggle title=”Daniel Dion”]

Attorney Poirier,

Just a few words to reiterate our appreciation to you for the excellent work you did to obtain our “Green Card”

We agree that the task was not easy, but you succeeded!
Thank you for your support and professionalism.

Daniel Dion
NatBank Branch Manager
Pompano Marketplace
1231 S. Federal Highway (US.1)
Pompano Beach, Florida 33062

[toggle title=”Yvonne Courage”]

Dear Marcelle,

Whilst apologizing for the late post, I wanted to thank you for your kindness and especially for your patients during the entire period of establishing my application for acquiring my green card.

It is certain that if I had not used your services, I would not have reached my goal. Today, my family and I are living happily in the United States.
I strongly urge all those who have a desire to live in the united States, to utilize the services of the Law Office of Marcelle Poirier whose advise in completing forms and preparing files are of professionalism and unparalleled.

To the entire team at the firm of the law offices Marcelle Poirier, we thank you very much and continued success in what you do.

Yvonne Courage
Marketing Director
Destination Soleil

[toggle title=”Benoit”]

Dear Marcelle,
Yelm, WA
October 14th, 2010
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you and your firm have accomplished.
When you took on my case, I felt that all your expertise and your willingness would take it through the end.
You answered all my questions with great precisions and also opened opportunities I was not aware of.

For me, your services were invaluable. The importance of dealing with a professional of your caliber was a clear choice that I would make again without hesitation.
My encounter with you has changed the course of my life, my wife and my children.

With my utmost sincerity, thank you

[toggle title=”Simona Bacisor”]


When I first began to dream of having my own salon in Florida, I thought it would never become a reality. I then met Attorney Poirier and everything became possible.

During my initial interview in Montreal, she started to get my interest on an E2 investor’s visa. Not only did she take care of every aspect of my immigration investor’s visa, but she also has a professional staff with who she collaborates with; real estate agents in the avocado business through accounts or equally by a Business Plan Specialist.
They assisted me in accomplishing my goal and become an investor in the United States of America.

I recently received my E2 visa and I must say, that I have been very well served by the office of Attorney Marcelle Poirier that I fully recommend to anyone who wants to venture and become an investor in one of the most beautiful known places on earth, South Florida!

Simona Bacisor

[toggle title=”Marianne”]

Dear Attorney,

We have just received our passports; 5 more years in the States.
I very much appreciated your assistance and will certainly contact you if necessary.

Sincerely yours,

[toggle title=”Chanida RAYROLLES”]

Well done Marcelle,
Christophe joins me in thanking you and your entire team for assisting us in achieving our E2 visa and hope to continue our collaboration with other necessary administrative requirements.


[toggle title=”Lizzie Maizil”]

Good morning Marcelle,

I wanted to let you know that I received my passport with the 5 year visa. Thank you for everything.

Lizzie Maizil

[toggle title=”Blaise Litrico”]

Good morning Mrs. Poirier.

I have the pleasure of informing you that the Embassy has given me a five-year visa.
It is the successful conclusion of a satisfying cooperation with your office that I would gladly lend my recommendation to your potential clients.

I sincerely believe that the captain makes his crew and that Estelle and Alina are not with impunity and this level of competence and kindness is not by chance.

It is with even more emotion that I write these words that my adventure in Florida has not always been easy, as you know. My gratitude goes to you and to attorney Woodbridge whose professionalism is matched only by the sense of duty and respect for the client.

Blaise Litrico

[toggle title=”Monica Pasqualotto”]

Mrs. Poirier prepared and processed my application for my Green Card. With her knowledge and expertise on the subject I received my approval letter in record time (24hrs) and was able to settle into a new life in the US with ease. Mrs. Poirier has the unique ability to give direct answers and advice on important immigration decisions. She is able to follow up with a clear game plan that makes the transition into a new country, that for many people who are in the wrong hands might take months and even years, easy, and it gave me a sense of being in control of the immigration process. I highly recommend Mrs. Poirier services to all my friends and acquaintances.

Monica Pasqualotto from Venezuela, TV Host /Actress/ Model/ Award Winning actress

[toggle title=”Danielle Mills, LPGA”]

Montreal, March 2012
The Law office of Marcelle Poirier was instrumental in helping me get an immigration visa. Like many, I had a lot of questions regarding the process, and someone was always there to answer them quickly. The efficiency of the team was outstanding, making the entire process faster and less of a burden. I am glad to have chosen the office of Marcelle Poirier, and recommend her services for any immigration matters.

Danielle Mills, LPGA

[toggle title=”Ben Farnborough”]

Dear Madame Poirier:
Thank you for all the assistance in obtaining my green card. It took a little time but once all our documents were in order you and your team were efficient and professional and everything fell into place. I appreciated being “kept in the loop”, in terms of timing, as documents were needed.

While it seemed like it took a long time, I realize we accomplished it in seven months. Not bad at all!

I will be happy to recommend your firm to any of my colleagues who are in need of immigration assistance.

Ben Farnborough
Associate Publisher
Boat International Media

[toggle title=”Joan C. Trouboul” state=”opened”]

Due to the crisis in my country, Spain, my plan was to set up a Real State and Architecture Business Company in the US. I arrived to the US in September 2011 and met several immigration attorneys in Miami, check the information that they gave me but it was not clear. Then through a friend I met Mrs Poirier, she was the only one who told me the clearly and detailed way I have to follow to obtain the investor Visa. I could trust in her office from the first day, and they began to work on the file. It was not easy, but she and her assistant Anita Sanders work on my case with professionally, patience and dedication . Finals at the US Embassy in Madrid I have the appointment, the file about my Business Company was so clear and well done that the officer just congratulate for the business plan and wish me good luck. I have to thank Mrs Poirier and Mrs Sanders for their dedication, and advice to whom is reading this to choose them without a doubt.

Joan C. Trouboul
Bcn Investment

[toggle title=”Fabien Paroutaud”]

I just received my E2 visa, only 3 months after making an offer to buy a restaurant in Boca Raton. Thanks to Ms. Poirier my immigration case was a total success. The guidance and advice I received throughout the whole process proved to be indispensable.

Ms. Poirer was very professional from the very beginning; always getting back to me the same day, making sure all my questions were answered. Not to mention her team members: who were skilled, diligent and detailed oriented. It was a pleasure working with them.
I highly recommend The Law Firm of Marcelle Poirier!
Fabien Paroutaud, MBA, CPA, CMA