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American citizenship must be obtained after an individual has obtained permanent residence (Green Card) after 5 years if the residence was on a work visa or after 3 years if the residence was obtained through marriage with an American citizen. Eligibility requirements Have resided in the United States as a permanent resident for at least [...]

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Green card based on marriage to an American citizen

Permanent residence (green card) obtained by marriage to an American citizen Description In order to benefit from all the advantages linked to obtaining permanent residence by marriage to an American citizen, it is recommended not only to apply for a Work Permit but also to apply for a Travel Permit. Eligibility requirements The spouses must [...]

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EB-1 – Extraordinary ability

The year that has just ended was a year of exceptional achievements and growth for our office. We have had the privilege of obtaining Green Cards for several renowned people and great successes. The purpose of this article is to give some examples of exemplary success stories while explaining this category of green card. In [...]

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EB-5 Program (Green card for investors)

This green card is dedicated to people who invest between $900,000 and 1.8 million dollars in the United States (November 2019). The amount required varies depending on the investment area. The investment is also expected to create 10 full-time positions for American employees. These criteria must be met within a period of 2 years. The [...]

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Green card – Permanent residency

The Green Card allows you to obtain permanent residence (Lawful Permanent Residency) better known as a "Green Card". With a Green Card, you can reside in the United States and work for any employer. Eligibility requirements If you do not have an American visa, you can obtain the Green Card: By marriage to an American [...]

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TN status NAFTA professionals

TN status is granted to Canadian and Mexican citizens who wish to work in the United States in a professional capacity. This classification is similar to the H1-B visa except that there is no limit on the length of time the employee is able to stay and work in the United States and this classification [...]

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Work permit

The work permit is a document that allows the Green Card applicant to obtain the right to work between the time his Green Card is granted and the time his Green Card is physically issued. The work permit is also issued to the spouses of individuals holding L1 or E2 visas. Eligibility requirements The application [...]

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O-1 Visa: Individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement

Description The O visa is dedicated to individuals with extraordinary skills in the fields of science, arts, sports, education, business. The benefit of this visa can be extended to family members and certain accompanying persons. Eligibility requirements The individual must be recognized nationally and / or internationally as having extraordinary skills. Period of validity 2 [...]

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L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager

This visa is intended for managers of multinational companies or specialized employees of foreign companies who wish to send employees to work in subsidiaries in the United States. Eligibility requirements The employee must have been employed full-time for one continuous year during the 3 years preceding the visa application in a management position or as [...]

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Visas for Fiancé(e)s of U.S. Citizens (K-1)

A foreign national who wishes to marry an American citizen and reside in the United States before marriage must obtain a K-1 visa. Eligibility requirements Marry an American citizen within 90 days of entering the United States. The person for whom the visa application will be submitted must have met the American citizen in person [...]

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