This visa is intended for managers of multinational companies or specialized employees of foreign companies who wish to send employees to work in subsidiaries in the United States.

Eligibility requirements
The employee must have been employed full-time for one continuous year during the 3 years preceding the visa application in a management position or as a specialist.
The American subsidiary of the foreign company may already be created, or be in the process of being created when applying for a visa.
The parent company in the country of origin must remain in operation after obtaining the L visa.

Period of validity
1 year renewable if the American subsidiary is created at the time of the visa application.
2 years renewable if the American subsidiary has already been in business for at least two years and employs American employees at the time of the L visa application.

Status of dependants
The spouse of the L visa holder is allowed to work. The application for authorization to work must be made once the spouse has arrived in the United States on an L-2 visa.
Minor children can be attached to the status of the L visa holder and educated in the United States without the need to apply for a student visa (F visa).

Special features
The U.S. subsidiary may not be in the same industry or industry as the parent company.
The L visa is the visa that makes it easier to obtain the Green Card.