The P visa is dedicated to high-level athletes and entertainment professionals working in groups (companies, circuses, musical groups, etc.) who benefit from international recognition.

Eligibility requirements
Candidates must be recognized for having extraordinary skills at the national and/or international level.
Eligibility requirements vary depending on whether they are athletes, artist groups, coaches, and vary according to the reasons for their stay.

Period of validity
Artistic training and sports teams: 1 year renewable once.
Athletes: 5 years renewable once.

Status of dependents
There is no authorization to work in partnership for the spouse of the holder of a P visa.
Children can be attached to the P visa holder’s visa and attend school in the United States without having to apply for a student visa (F visa).

Special features
Depending on the particular qualifications of the P visa holder, Labor Certification may be required.
Obtaining a P visa allows you to apply for permanent residence (Green Card)