Investor visas are for individuals and companies who wish to invest in the United States. To be eligible, the investor must be a national of a country that has signed a treaty with the United States.

Eligibility requirements

Invest a substantial amount of money in an active business (not money deposited in an account or for the purchase of an apartment or private home).

The investment must create jobs for American citizens.

The amount invested represents at least 50% of the funds needed to set up the business.

Period of validity

5 years, renewable.

Status of dependents

The husband is allowed to work.

Minor children can be attached to the E-2 visa holder’s visa and attend school in the United States without having to apply for a student visa (F visa).

The work permit can be obtained if the husband is already on American soil.

This procedure takes 90 days.

Special features

The investor receives so-called “essential employee visas” for 4 employees from his home country.

The investor may request the transfer of professionals considered to have essential skills for the operation of the activity.