The year that has just ended was a year of exceptional achievements and growth for our office. We have had the privilege of obtaining Green Cards for several renowned people and great successes.

The purpose of this article is to give some examples of exemplary success stories while explaining this category of green card.

In order to access it, the person must prove that he/she has been able to reach the highest level in his/her profession. This can be proven by having been awarded a prize that is internationally recognized or by proving three of 10 very specific criteria:

This EB-1 category applies to all domains. My last clients were in medicine, medical research, film production, gourmet cooking and fashion. Each of these individuals had reached a recognized level of expertise. To do this we must look in detail at the following elements concerning the applicant:

  • Internationally recognized award;
  • Association member who requires to have reached the highest level in the profession;
  • Articles published on the person in specialized journals or media distributed nationally;
  • Participation as a judge in major competitions;
  • Significant contributions in the scientific, academic, artistic, athletic or business fields;
  • Author of scholarly works specific to the field of expertise;
  • Artistic Exhibitions ;
  • Performance in an important role for renowned and distinguished organizations;
  • High salary compared to other people of very high level in the field;
  • Commercial success in the performing arts, cinema etc.
  • The elements are evaluated according to the category of expertise, which means that the more high-level individuals in the category, the more difficult it is, but a very specific category may be easier.

The advantage of this type of green card is that the person can apply directly without obtaining a job offer and is not dependent on an employer. There is no certification, the request is made directly. The first assessment is very important in order to determine what is missing or not strong enough. In this case, the client must continue to obtain more evidence in order to present a file that will be accepted by the American administration.

Whether it is a Chef, DJ, Film Producer or Physician every person who has achieved a certain reputation should analyze this opportunity because even if the title may seem impressive you can work to achieve this type of green card. Many of you have already reached this level. It is up to you to act now that you know this possibility.

The purpose of this article is to familiarize yourself with the EB-1 “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” and if you think you can qualify, ask for a consultation to have your situation analyzed because it can change your life and that of your family as it has been the case for all my clients.