The O visa is dedicated to individuals with extraordinary skills in the fields of science, arts, sports, education, business. The benefit of this visa can be extended to family members and certain accompanying persons.

Eligibility requirements
The individual must be recognized nationally and / or internationally as having extraordinary skills.

Period of validity
2 years or 5 years, renewable.

Dependent status
Spouses and minor children may immigrate to the United States as dependents, but are not allowed to work.
Children can be attached to the visa of the visa holder O and be educated in the United States without the need to apply for a student visa (Visa F).

Special features
The recipient of an O visa can stay in the United States for the duration of the project or mission justifying their arrival.
The holder of the O-1 visa can directly apply for permanent residence (green card) with the PERM procedure without the need to do a Labor Certification.